Monday, December 5, 2016

Parking Protected Bike Lanes in Baltimore

Little Baltimore is beating the pants off big Philadelphia when it comes to bike lanes. Below are two pictures of parking protected bike lanes installed in Baltimore this year. I took the pictures on Saturday, December 3.

The first photo shows Roland Avenue, where the bike lanes went live early in the year. Before the lanes went in, there were complaints about the loss of a number of parking spots. Parking appeared to be readily available on Saturday.

The second photo shows the parking protected two-way cycle track on Cathedral Street. It went in later in the year.

Philadelphia should install a cycle track just like this on the bridge at the beginning of Martin Luther King Drive, near the Art Museum. There's plenty of room on the bridge - inbound cars have a second lane they don't need.

Installation would require some paint, a few flex posts, and what Ernest Hemingway used to call cojones. The Streets Department should do this in April.

Baltimore provides us with an example, and also with an opportunity. We can't send the whole City Council to Denmark to study the bike lanes. But we could load them all on a bus and send them to Baltimore for a day.

For the 2015 Baltimore City Bike Master Plan, click here.

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